Wooden Swedish Stickhandling Ball – Overview

Hockey players are constantly trying to find new ways to practice their stickhandling. The biggest problem that most players face is a product that can match the feel of a puck on the ice. One product that many pro hockey players use on a regular basis is a stickhandling ball.

The two most popular stickhandling balls are the Swedish Wooden stickhandling ball, and the Smart Hockey stickhandling ball

Wooden Stickhandling Ball

Wooden stickhandling balls became popular about 15 years ago, when North American hockey players saw Swedish hockey players using them. There are many other options that players can use to practice stickhandling but the wooden stickhandling balls have a number of advantages

Wooden Swedish stickhandling ball

Benefits of a Wooden Stickhandling Ball

  • Light weight for repetition, and quick movements
  • Light weight helps train fast twitch muscles
  • Wood material absorbs shock, acting a lot like a puck (does not bounce off the blade like golf balls)
  • Roll and weight feels similar to the slide a puck has on ice
  • Great for practicing control around your body
  • Great for practicing toe drags

Wood Stickhandling Ball Overview Video

In this video we give you a close-up look at the wooden stickhandling ball, compare it to a hockey puck, and talk a bit about size and weight.

Where to Buy a Wood Stickhandling Ball

If you would like to purchase a wood Swedish stickhandling ball, you can find the best prices (and other cool hockey gear) at  Hockey Shot

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