5 Shooting Drills With the Extreme Passer Pro

I recently did a review of the Extreme Passer pro over on my hockey training website How To Hockey. The review gives you a good idea how the pass rebounder works, but I thought it would be nice to share some drills that you can do as well. In this article and video I share 5 shooting drills that can be done with the Extreme Passer Pro

5 Fun Shooting Drills

  • Receive the pass into your body, and get a nice hard wrist shot on netextreme-passer-pro
  • Receive the pass across your body and get a hard accurate snapshot on net
  • Work on one timers
  • Work on picking up rebounds and quickly going to your forehand or backhand
  • Use the Extreme Passer Pro like an obstacle

Remember that you can also do these shooting drills with a friend, but for the times your friends can’t make it to the rink, or you just want to go out for a quick shooting session you can use the Extreme Passer Pro.


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