Hockey Shot Radar Gun Review

For the last few years I have been using the Speed Trac X radar gun which is sold through HockeyShot. The radar gun had been working well, until it took an 80 MPH slapshot directly to the display.

HockeyShot has come out with a new radar gun that retails for under $100! When I saw the new radar gun I had to do a review to see how well it performed.

When reviewing the Radar Gun for hockey I am looking for

  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Durability
  • Price

Hockey Shot Radar Gun on-ice review

 What my tests found

hockey-radar-gun-hockeyshotAccuracy – The accuracy seemed to be good. I do not have an official perfect way to test accuracy, however I have used a few high end radar guns at hockey expo’s and have a general idea of how fast each of my shots are. The HockeyShot radar gun was right on par with the readings I have got from the professional / much more expensive radar guns.

Consistency – Nothing is more annoying than really hammering a shot and then get a reading of 10MPH, or float one on net and get a reading of 70MPH. When you are training you want consistency, you want the right numbers to show, and you also want the radar gun to pick up each shot. This radar gun was very consistent for me.

Durability – I still have a few videos to shoot with the HockeyShot radar gun so I was not able to REALLY test the durability, however it did fall off my bucket a few times (only a drop of 1-2 feet) and still worked.

Price – I am very happy with the price, at only $99.95 it is one of the most affordable radar guns out there!

Where to buy the Hockey Shot Radar Gun

With consistent and accurate readings and a great price I definintely recommend this radar gun for hockey players. You can buy it on this page on

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