Roller Guard Review

Summer is nice, but one of the biggest downfalls of the summer is a lack of ice. If you’re not from the city you will have a hard time finding a hockey arena with the ice still in. For those of you who have the itch to skate you might want to try out the roller guards. These won’t have the same feel as hockey skates, but they are fun to mess around with. Watch the video below to see our full review

Benefits of the Roller Guards

  • Good for younger skaters to get used to the feeling of skating and working on their balance
  • Easy to use
  • Can quickly turn your hockey skates into roller skates
  • Can be used to get fully dressed at home and then roller your kids into the dressing room
  • Fun for younger players

Not Recommended for…

  • Working on skating stride
    • They are fine for younger players, but if you already have good skating technique the roller skates might mess with technique
    • They are roller skates not inline skates so they feel a bit different than hockey skates
  • Intense training
    • They are fun to use, but would not be good for serious hockey training

Where to get the Roller Guards

You can get the roller guards at HockeyShot, they also carry a number of other hockey training aids.


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