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Vincent Plana

Vincent Plana

I'm Vincent Plana. I've been skating since I was three years old and grew up playing rep hockey in North Vancouver, British Columbia. As a 21 year old student, I now coach rep hockey with the North Shore Winter Hawks, work at a local hockey store and play in several beer leagues after finishing my minor hockey "career" playing AA hockey.

Regarding the gear I use, I'm 5'9 and 165 lbs. That typically gets me in a 65 flex stick (though I've experimented with 55 and 75) and my go-to curve is the P28.
Vincent Plana

Long gone are the days where $150 can net you a top-of-the-line-glove. Hell, unless you’re shooting for a discontinued or closeout model, $150 still gets you a middle-tier glove. Enter, Verbero.

Verbero is a fast up-and-coming company that’s been gaining popularity due to their high-end products at low-end prices. They also were recently joined by Dan Farrell, the innovator of Farrell shoulder pads (a once-famous shoulder pad used extensively at the pro level). I was able to try their Dextra Pro+ Glove and I’m here to share my thoughts and insight.

The Dextra Pro+ is a tapered fit glove; similar to the Bauer Vapor or CCM Quicklite. The backhand padding shows segmentation and shaping similar to that of the Vapor glove. The senior model comes in at 109.99 USD and the junior at 89.99 USD. That already beats most companies: $109.99 typically puts you in a low to mid end glove with most other manufacturers.

The entire shell of the glove is composed of nylon, with a suede palm they call their “perma-dry palm” (more on this later. In addition, the inner liner is an anti-bacterial liner in a plaid design. The most interesting (and perhaps unique) thing they’re doing with their gloves is the finger. It’s the first glove I recall seeing with triple-segmented (three piece) fingers and what Verbero calls their “trigger gussets”. The trigger gusset (see picture attached) allows your finger to separate from the padding – while still keeping it closeby – as a means of providing incredible feel and dexterity, without sacrificing protection.


Time for my honest thoughts. I think the three-piece fingers and trigger gussets are fantastic. If you’re looking for maximum feel of your stick and ability to move your hand and fingers, I’d easily consider the Dextra Pro. The gussets have held up fine after 3+ months of use, with no sign of tearing or rips.

Because the model is the Pro+, there’s a larger emphasis on protection. The glove weighs in heavier than most top-end gloves and the thumb is a little larger (to protect from slashes). Regardless, the extra weight wasn’t noticeable and the thumb was easy to adjust to.

I loved the palm as well, it felt soft and supple from the get-go. I also tried baking the gloves (for 5 minutes, for sake of experiment) and it really does help the break-in process. No rips or wear to report so far, and that’s after 3 months of use.

My only gripe with the gloves is the liner and cuff. In my mind, the liner looks a little childish. I would’ve loved to see a simple black or silver liner – just to maintain the sleek, pro, look and feel that the glove goes for. I also think the cuff could be improved. It’s more than open enough, however I think they easily could’ve made the inner cuff more segmented (to increase wrist flexibility).

Overall, it’s a fantastic pick for $109.99. They’re revamping all of their products with Dan Farrell’s shield technology, which means lighter and more protective equipment as well. For more information, you can visit their website!

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