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Getting Used To The Skates

I’ve been using my VH Skates for roughly 3 months, after skating on them 5+ times a week I can safely say these are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned! Had them moulded just one time and now they fit like the Hockey Gods themselves had them specially crafted for my feet. The only negative comment I’ve heard about the skates is their price-point, which is on par with almost all other top of the line competitors

These will run you roughly $900-1200 when all is said and done

I would argue that VH Skates are heavily UNDER-valued in todays current skate market as no other company is offering something totally custom that the everyday consumer can order and wear in 4 weeks. Think of it this way, you’ve signed a pair of skates to a 10 year contract and you’re paying 100 a year… not so bad?

Innovative Fit

You might be wondering what makes this skate so custom? simply put, it’s the measurements they take of YOUR feet. Not you’re feet fellas, YOUR FEET. I went into a local shop and they traced the outline of my feet, measured the widest point, longest point and a specific length around my foot starting from the top where shin/foot meet and ending at the back of the heel where the heel has its largest “bulge”. The last measurement was so that my foot would be held snug in the boot even without lacing the skates up. They then took some tasteful nude photographs of my feet, they do this incase you have weird calcium deposits or bumps on your feet that could cause discomfort. Another way all this can be done is by them scanning your foot and getting a digital version of all the measurements, exact same outcome. 


Durability With Style 

In addition to being your own custom boot this things is built tough; even without the “shot blocker” option. YES, when filling out the order you can decide between a normal outer or the “Enhanced Impact Protection” (which is an extra $40) if you are the designated hero on your line that has to block shots. The enhanced version includes more carbon fibre over the ankle plate and side of the foot (adds 30g to weight as well). I’ve got the normal boot with no added protection and it stacks up better than any skate I’ve worn in the past. The AEROSPACE GRADE CARBON FIBRE and hard plastic make up the durable outside, this combination makes for great protection when it comes to blocking shots or getting hit in the feet with sticks. The boot can take a beating and I’ve never felt the blistering pain that I used to get when taking a shot off the foot/toe box. You can also add colour to the outside of the skate for an extra $25 (Options: Silver, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White) and even embroider your number on the heel of the skate or tongue for an extra $20. 


More Customization Options 

The inside of the skate also has some unique features. There’s a velcro liner at the bottom of the tongue that allows you to change out your tongues very easily. The original tongues the skates come with can velcro in shorter if you’re one of those players who likes to have their tongues sticking out, un-tucked and un-flopped OR you can set them in so that the tongues stick out further for flopping or tucking into your shin pads. The tongue colour is black which isn’t as popular in todays skate market but being that they are easy to change. I took out my old tongues and threw them in the new wheels!


 You’ve also got a couple options when it comes to the holders/runners you order from VH! They recommend Step steel (said to utilize more blade on the ice) for $50, it takes a skate or two to get used to but now that I’m aquatinted with it I feel no need to go back to LS2 steel. If you’re used to that and don’t want to change that is no problem as they offer the trigger system LightSpeed Edge and LS2 steel for $55 and $50. That is about all the customization you can do to the outside of the skate, as far as inside you can get the Tan Marino leather look or the Black
Wick liner. I opted for the Tan Marino inside as I’ve heard its more durable than the black wick line, have had 0 problems.

Rumour Report

RUMOUR has it these skates are dropping in price, said to be as low as 699 base level with holders and steel now that they have merged with TRUE hockey! Be on the look out for big things from TRUE and VH hockey in the near future, these are two companies that are taking a step towards
innovation (and hopefully affordability) in the game of hockey!

Could you see yourself in a pair of VH skates?

If so what customization options would you go with?!



Here is a recap for the quick scrollers:

  • Incredible custom fit  – NO BREAK IN
  • Price  – COMPETITIVE
  • Changeable colours, liner, tongues, holders and steel  – OPTIONS
  • Cutting edge protective technology  – BE A HERO MORE
  • Do the Pros use them?  – YES
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