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So, I’ve been in VH/TRUE skates for officially 2 years (August 2016). I’ve now in my 3rd set of skates from this company. First was my custom boot/Bauer cowling combo and the other 2 have been a 2-piece goal skate. I had some issues with my first set of 2-piece wheels with some of the stitching and plastics coming undone. However, TRUE was extremely quick and accommodating to fix these issues and got me a remake set of 2 piece wheels to replace the old ones and even let me change a few specs on the 2nd pair. Even if I was 99% comfortable, they wanted to fix my skates to make sure I was 100% comfortable and experiencing what I can only describe as the pinnacle of True Performance. What is that?

Performance Perks

True build custom goal skates (as well as goal sticks and a slew of player products). They were formerly VH before TRUE them. Created by Scott Van Horne, TRUE/VH skates are custom built from the inside out around your foot. Currently in 2018 Bauer and CCM are offering their knock off version of a custom fitted goal skate. TRUE doesn’t have the insane digital graphics or flare on their skates that the other manufactures’ do because these are all hand crafted on a 1 to 1 basis and not by a machine; and at this point I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of switching from a TRUE skate. However since getting into these 2 piece skates I have had a few issues with some of the heel stitching coming undone and plastics popping out.

Comparing To The Competition

Before stepping into VH/TRUE skates in 2016, I had been a lifelong Bauer skate user. Growing up I used everything from the Vapor XXX, to the Supreme One100 to my final Bauer skate, the Reactor 6000 (2013 model). None of those skates had the energy transfer, comfort or feel that any of my TRUE/VH skates had. I seriously mean it. Yenno that feeling when you can’t feel your feet in your skates anymore, or the balls of your feet just don’t want to stand anymore? None of that has ever happened in my TRUE/VH skates.


Price Point is a Killer

Literally the only downside to using a TRUE/VH skate is the price point. Right now a 1 piece skate will run you 1000, 2 piece or boot/cowling combo will run you 700 plus the cost of a edge holder or cowling (150-200 bucks). Considering you can get a top of the line 1x or 1s skate for 800 with everything included, these TRUE/VH skates are hella expensive.

Personally, I got no problem paying a premium price for a product if it’s got the value to back it and support it. Like every other TRUE/VH skate these are worth the value. Customer service is great and performance is untouchable compared to the competition.

Custom Options

On a side note, the custom design options are nice. They recently added the white toe cap that I got on my replacement set. You can get the side panel any colour you want (mine is white), they can add your number or name to it. Overall lots of options here.


What’s the verdict? As I have said in every other time I’ve covered TRUE/VH skates, if you got the money kicking around. BUY THESE SKATES. You will not regret the investment.

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