Green Biscuit Snipe – How much can it withstand?

A few years ago the Green Biscuit was released and it has quickly become the most popular off-ice puck. The only problem was it was not designed to be shot. If you tried to shoot the Green Biscuit and it hit a post you would probably break it. This is where the Green Biscuit Snipe comes in.

Green Biscuit Snipe Review

Overall Thoughts on The Green Biscuit Snipe

  • I was impressed by how much a plastic puck could endure. It did fine with shots close to 80MPH hitting a post directly.
  • The feel of the snipe is nice for shooting, although I would not recommend it for continuous shooting, if you want to shoot a lot just use a puck
  • On smooth surfaces the Snipe works great, it’s nice because it’s a bit heavier than the original so it adds a little something extra
  • On smooth cement it will still work, but will flip up a bit more than the original biscuit
  • On rough cement I would not recommend the Snipe, the plastic is a bit softer and tends to catch
  • I would recommend the Snipe to anyone who wants to dangle and then shoot. I would only recommend it if you have a smooth area to practice on.

Where to buy the Green Biscuit Snipe

You can get the snipe and other great hockey training aids at

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