Greatest Goal Stick of All Time: Bauer Supreme 1S Goal Stick Review

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Hey guys, Trav4 here. So you can probably guess by the title of this article that I have enjoyed my time using the Bauer Supreme 1S Composite goal stick. Composite sticks have a reputation for being very fragile and not lasting long but this stick delivers in every way possible.

1st impressions

So lets rewind to the middle of June 2016. I remember the Purolater driver delivering the package and when I got it I looked like a stick package but it was so light I was pretty convince it was a package for my sister since she shops online like nobody elses business. Turns out it was my 1S stick. Now Bauer was nice enough to send me this one on the house as a demo unit and right off the bat I literally was mind blown by how light and how right it felt holding the stick for the first time. Now my dad is pretty old school with hockey but when he picked it up for the first time he was convinced they sent me a display version because it was too light “sticks can’t be that lightweight and actually work”. Well my dad was ever wrong. Every aspect of my game that can be associated with my stick side improved. Everything but puck handling, outlet passes and directing pucks to corner, all the way to have a lighter and more responsive blocker hand for leaning and shifting into pucks. Safe to say there was noting to stop me from using this stick at this point.



So the 1st stick lasted me 2 months. I was in BC training with my goalie coach Nolan Kurceba of Tech Mob Goalie Coaching and we had a player named Quinlan Moore and the guy had a cannon of a shot. I knew it was a matter of time before he broke the stick and he ripped a few of the shaft of the stick and I noticed some minor cracking and next ice time I went to go shoot a puck and it exploded on me. So that sucks but I kinda saw it coming.

The 2nd stick I got at the very beginning of October and use it for every practice and all but 1 game this season and here we are in March 2017 and the stick is marked up with a million puck marks but no signs of breaking yet. So for $330 I was able to get a full season of Junior B hockey in the KJHL of use from this stick.


So this is what you’re all going to want to hear. Almost every single professional goalie in the world has switched to the 1S stick (obviously I’m exaggerating a little bit) but in all seriousness countless goalies have switched and from the second you get on the ice with this stick it’s obvious why. I’m normally a pretty active puck handling goaltender but when I got this stick my puck handling went through the roof simply because I feel that confidence with it. The stick has the perfect amount of flex on the p31 curve and my stick handling feels as fluid as it ever has been. Redirecting pucks is almost perfect, I feel the lightweight feel of the 1s sticks makes me slightly softer when I’m pushing and redirecting pucks into the corner but nonetheless its top notch.

I think that making saves that don’t involve the stick are the big game breaker. Making reactionary blocker saves, shifting or leaning shoulder saves on the stick side, RVH incorporation, gloves to thigh saves when you are pushing the puck with your pads. All of these saves feel better, more cleaner and I couldn’t feel better about it. If you take a look here, in this blog we are down by 2 goals with a  minute left and granted I was never able to get the goal support i would have liked here, if you look from 16:25 – 16:45 in the video, you’ll see how confident I really am with the passing pucks.

The Price Point

So this stick does come in at $330 and simple because I was lucky enough to get the first stick for free to demo people are going to judge and say that I’m being paid off. Well I went and bought the 2nd 1s stick out of my own pocket so hopefully that give you an idea as too how sold I am on this stick

Visit the Bauer 1S product page on GoalieMonkey to see the most recent price (Currently $299US)

The Verdict

Like the title say, this is simply the best stick of all time that has ever been available to a goaltender if you ask me. Yeah you can save money by getting other sticks because granted the 1S goal stick is the most expensive stick on the market but its the most expensive because its the best and like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

So guys that’s todays’ review of the Bauer Supreme 1S composite goal stick. What do yo think? Let me know you’re opinions or questions on social media (instagram, Twitter or Facebook) all @ Trav4oilers and if you really want more visual eye candy, check me out on Youtube. I want to thank all of you for reading this written article.

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