Stop It Gate Review – Driveway Gate

Safety is important, especially with children, and a common concern among parents is the fear of the children running out on the road. Many families are now being raised in cities and suburbs. Not every kid has a large backyard, backyard rink, big garage or barn to play in. The lack of space leaves quite a few kids playing hockey and other games in their driveway. The stop-it gate is designed to set a boundary in the driveway and keep the children, and all their toys off the road.

How Does the Stop-it gate work?

The gate is fairly simple, it is a steel frame with a mesh netting (sort of like a volleyball net). To install the net you drive two stakes (included) into either side of your driveway, then put the frame on one side, and pull the net across to the other stake.

Video Review of the Stop-it Gate

Pro’s and Con’s of the Gate


  • The gate comes with a recoil feature, which did not seem to work very easily. I found the product would probably be better if it didn’t try to add a feature that did not work flawlessly. This is not a critical problem, and the product works just fine without the ease of the recoil.
  • The gate is only a few feet high so it won’t stop everything, but I think it’s still a good safety precaution.
  • If you have soft ground you will need to install a footing for the stakes to keep the net from sagging.


  • The quality and design of the product is well thought out. The frame is all steel and the netting looks like it is very good quality
  • The product works well for it’s intended purpose. I feel the stakes work very well to hold the net in place
  • The net is a great extra safety feature for anyone who lives on a busy street
  • The net is also a good boundary for games. By keeping the balls and pucks in the driveway the kids will be able to play longer with fewer interruptions.

Where to Buy the Gate

The stop-it gate is currently on sale on this page at

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