What are the best training aids for stickhandling?

One way to quickly improve your hockey skills is to practice your stickhandling at home. There are a lot of products available on the market that are aimed at helping you improve, but which of these products are the best? In this article and video I let you know whatmy favourite stickhandling training aids are. This is just my personal opinion but I think that if you are going to practice at home all of the items I mention in the video are must-haves!

Products mentioned in the video

  • Roll-up shooting pad or Hockey training tiles
    • This is a must-have for any hockey player who wants to practice at home. The shooting pads will give you a nice smooth surface to practice your stickhandling and shooting off of. The low friction surface helps make your off-ice practice feel more like handling the puck on the ice. – Read our Training tiles vs shooting pad article
  • Green Biscuit
    • This is my favourite off-ice puck, it slides great on a smooth surface and also works well on rough surfaces like pavement and asphalt – Read our Green Biscuit Review
  • Smart hockey stickhandling ball and swedish stickhandling ball
    • These are great to use anywhere. They are small round balls that are designed to feel similar to a hockey puck. These are good training aids to keep in your hockey bag and warm up before hockey practice or games. – Read our Stickhandling ball review

Where to buy training aids to improve stickhandling

You can get all of the products mentioned in the video at HockeyShot.com


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