5 Passing Drills you can do at home with the Extreme Passing Kit

I review a lot of products on this site, but what good is the product if you don’t know how to use it! In this article and video I give you 5 passing drills for hockey that you can do at home. These drills are all done on the Extreme Passing Kit from Hockeyshot.com

5 Fun Passing Drills

Passing Drills you can do at home

extreme-passing-kit-drillsIf you don’t have an extreme passing kit you will need to find a friend to pass to you!

  • Forehand
    • This one is very easy, but the right technique is important. Make sure you roll your wrists to keep the puck on the ice. You wan’t soft hands, don’t slap the puck!
  • Backhand
    • The technique on the backhand pass is similar to passing on the forehand. Start with the puck cupped, and finish the pass with a little wrist flick to keep the puck flat on the ice
  • Forehand then Backhand
    • Sometimes in hockey you get bad passes, in this drill you give the pass on your forehand and receive it on your backhand, then repeat. This drill forces you to move and react quickly
  • Puck Juggling
    • I like this drill a lot, you have to try to keep two pucks in motion at once. This drill requires good hand eye, good timing and hast hands!
  • The Saucer pass
    • For this drill you chip the puck over an obstacle and try to land it so it lands flat into the Extreme Passing Kit

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