Flypuck VS Green Biscuit

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We get a lot of questions when it comes to picking the best off ice training puck so we decided to do a video about which off ice puck is the best. After thoroughly reviewing the Green Biscuit and Flypuck and using these pucks a lot we were able to determine the advantages and disadvantages of both pucks.

Advantages of the Flypuck

  • Comes in three different weights (work your muscles, and your repetition)
  • Very durable design
  • Better for shooting
  • Slides well on smooth surfaces

Disadvantages of the Flypuck

  • Even though it is more durable than the Green Biscuit it is still possible to break it with a very hard shot to the post (not likely to happen with younger players though)
  • Tends to flip up when used on rough surfaces like cement and asphalt

Advantages of the Green Biscuit

  • Slides great on ALL surfaces (slides better than any other off ice puck)
  • A bit lighter than a normal puck, but with the added friction of off-ice surfaces it feels heavier so it feels a lot like a puck does on the ice
  • Great for developing soft hands

Disadvantages of the Green Biscuit

  • Not as durable as the fly puck
  • More likely to break if you shoot it again a hard object (goal post)
  • Two piece design makes it a bit noisy

Flypuck vs Greeen Biscuit Review

Where to buy the Flypuck and Green Biscuit

You can get both of these products and many more stickhandling aids at

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