Complete Shot Hockey Stick Weight Review

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complete shot review
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complete shot reviewA good hockey player will have quick hands and a powerful shot, in order to achieve this it takes a lot of practice and training. There are a lot of training products on the market that promise to improve shooting, stickhandling and strength, but which one of these products actually works? In this review we take a look at the Complete Shot which is a weight for your hockey stick.

Purpose – The Complete Shot is a weight that is designed to fit onto the shaft of a hockey stick. The purpose of this device is to provide added resistance to your hockey stick while you practice stickhandling and shooting. This added weight will build all the muscles involved with shooting and stickhandling. If you train with the Complete Shot weight on the stick for a while, then once you take it off you should be able to shoot harder and stickhandle faster.

Price – The Complete Shot sells for $24.95 on Hockey Shot

What You Get – The Complete shot is a canvas like material coupled with velcro and rubber. When the product is wide open there are four slots that you can insert metal weights into. This allows you to customize the amount of weight that is on your stick while training.

How It Works – Using the Complete Shot is pretty simple, just open it up and insert up to four weights into the slots available. After inserting the weights you fold over a flap. This flap keeps the weights in place, and also has a rubber coating which will help grip the shaft of the stick. Once you have the flap folded over you tightly wrap the Complete Shot around the shaft, and then secure it with A LOT of velcro.

complete shot

Taking the Complete Shot to the Streets

I used all four weights when testing the complete shot and used it for stickhandling, wrist shots and slapshots.

Stickhandling – The Complete Shot is great for stickhandling, I thought it would feel awkward having so much weight on the bottom of the stick, but it was not that bad. You can really feel the weight after a bit of stickhandling and I can tell which muscles I am using because they start to burn.

Wrist Shots – The unit was nice and snug on the hockey stick which was really nice while shooting (wasn’t moving around at all). Having the weight on your stick will give you a workout and once you take it off it feels like your shot is much harder! When it comes to weights and shooting I think I still prefer using a weighted hockey puck, but I did enjoy using a weighted puck and the Complete Shot together so I think I will add the combo to my training.

Slapshots – I tried using the Complete Shot for slapshots and it just felt WAY to weird. I wouldn’t recommend using it for slappers because it could mess up your technique, and when it comes to slapshots the power you get is probably 75% technique and 25% muscle.

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

The only issue I had with the Complete Shot is when I was taking a slapshot one of the weights flew out. I don’t think this is a problem though because I really don’t think anyone should practice slapshots with the weight on as it could mess up your technique.


  • Good design
  • Fit’s easily and snugly on a hockey stick
  • Does not move all around thanks to lots of velcro and a rubber grip
  • Weight is customizable with four weighted rods
  • The added weight will build the muscles involved in shooting and stickhandling
  • Great addition to your hockey training tools

Complete Shot Video Review

Where to Buy the Complete Shot

You can buy the Complete Shot and lots of other cool training aids at

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