Brian’s GNetik 3 Checkerboard Blocker Review

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So in this article I want to break down my Brian’s Gnetik 3 Blocker I got back in November. So this IS NOT a heritage Blocker or optik or a blend of optik and heritage. It’s a Gnetik 3. Essentially about as stock as it comes with 2 eexceptions. The checkerboard graphic and the Sub Zero 3 finger protection which was a mistake on Brian’s part but I will get more into that later on in this article.

Elephant in the room

So as most people know my first experience with Brian’s was less than memorable and the link to that will be below, but after this experience I couldn’t be happier from multiple aspects. I don’t want to discuss costs in this article because it’s in the actual video picking up the gear if it interests you that much however for that price I’d say it was worth every penny.

The Graphic

The checkerboard graphic, Brian’s absolutely nailed. I felt that after the last Padskinz set I did on my Bauer 1S set (with the Potvin wing/flare look) I wanted to incorporate that into the graphic because as much as I love the “classic look” I want to be original and at least throw my spin on it. So we added the “flare” graphic on the bottom of the face to replace the B-star triangle. Aside from that just a navy blue binding, white lacing and all white side wall with a Gnetik 3 stock graphic on that side wall.


Blocker is about as stock as it comes. Full right is technically a spec but that’s how I catch so I wouldn’t call that a spec. The checkerboard graphic and then the sub 3 finger protection that was supposed to be Gnetik 3. Somebody make a mistake on my spec sheet and I was pretty positive I wanted a Gnetik 3 cuff and finger protection but not the end of the world. I havn’t had any issues since so knock on wood nothing happens.


A lot of people say a blocker is a blocker but for me its everything. Its about balance, mobility and more. It’s the essential core for stick handling since that’s really your only truly “functioning” hand while puck handling, it provides balance and stability to all movements and a seal five hole since youre holding a stick. I love the Gnetik 3 blocker, very comfortable, very mobile. I wish it was as light as my 1S blocker but like I’ve put in the pad and glove reviews. Confidence is everything for my game and when Brian’s is able to do graphics like that on their gear I feel great on the ice and the rest is history.


Much like the pads and gloves its pretty early to comment on durability since I’ve had everything for only a few months but so far no rips in the blocker palm, no skate cuts so everything is all good at this point.


Love the blocker, love the graphic. I feel great about my game every time I step on the ice with them and statistically is where the evidence lies. So thanks for taking the time to read this. If you want to see more action with this glove or any semi-entertaining content on the internet, hit me up on YouTube or social media.

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