Smart Hockey Stickhandling Ball – Overview

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Do you want to improve your stickhandling and dekes at home? There are a lot of products on the market that claim they can help, and one of them is the stickhandling ball by Smart Hockey.

stickhandling balls

Smart Hockey Stickhandling Ball Details

These are not you average stickhandling balls, these are “smart” balls. Years of research and development has been invested into the product you see today. The Smart Hockey balls are designed to feel exactly like a hockey puck does on the ice. A lot of work and smart design has gone into developing these

  • Materialsmart hockey stickhandling ball
    • A special two piece design helps give this ball the same feel as a puck. The ball is made with a core, and a surlyn shell.
  • Weight
    • The ball was made to be about an ounce lighter than a hockey puck. This was done because of friction, there is very little friction on the ice which means it is easy to move the puck around. Off the ice there is more friction, which makes the objects feel heavier. So the ball was made lighter than a puck to make it feel the same.
  • Height
    • The stickhandling ball is taller than a puck, but the ball makes contact on your stick-blade at the same height and area that a normal puck makes contact.
  • Bounce
    • Because of the special material and design, the ball will have the same “bounce” as a hockey puck does.
  • Slide
    • According to the Smart Hockey website “The surlyn® shell rolls or slides over any surface at any temperature at the same rate that a puck slides on fresh ice without becoming pliant or “smushy” making it perfect to develop quick, soft hands necessary to become a good stick handler.

Smart Hockey Stickhandling Ball Video Overview

In this video we give you a close look at the Smart Hockey stickhandling ball, compare it to a hockey puck and talk about how it can help you improve your game.

Where to Buy the Stickhandling Ball

If you would like to buy the Smart Hockey stickhandling ball you can find the best prices (and other cool hockey gear) at  Hockey Shot

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