Five Drills for the X-Passer

x passer hockey

x passer hockeyThe X-Passer is a pass rebounder available on Earlier we did a X-passer review and now we want to show you five drills that you can do with the X-passer. These drills include passing and stickhandling drills including a drill on practicing your toe drag.

X-Passer Drills

In this video we show you a number of drills including:

  • How to give and practice the fore-hand pass
  • How to give and practice the back-hand pass
  • Drills to become comfortable giving and receiving passes in any situation
  • How to practice the toe drag
  • How to practice a bank-pass

X-Passer Drills Video:

Where to Buy the X-Passer

To get the X-Passer and other hockey training aids, check out

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