Choosing Pylons for Hockey Practice

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Choosing Pylons for Hockey Practice
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There are a number of different pylons available for coaches but not all are created equal. This article should help you determine which pylons are the best to use for your practice. In the video I review three different types of pylons / markers that you can use but there are a lot more to choose from. I will review a few more in this article

Hockey Pylon Review Video

Best Types of Pylons for Hockey

6 Inch Pylons – These are the “mini” pylons, they are nice to use for skating drills and they are great for stickhandling drills. They work well for stickhandling drills because they are only 6 inches tall and they will not interfere with the players stick while handling the puck. They also have a bit of weight to them, and they are hard to knock over

Saucer Cones – These are great to use for markers on the ice, they will not get tipped over like a pylon would because they have a nice wide base and they sit low to the ice. The only problem with these markers are the low edges, if players are skating quickly and close to the pylons they might catch an edge and wipe out. These are easy to carry and they come

12 inch pylons – These are nice to use for skating drills, but not the best for some of the stickhandling drills. If you do buy these make sure you get the ones that have some weight to them. Do not buy the cheap ones at wal-mart or other big box stores because they tend to crack and they will easily get knocked out of place. It gets pretty annoying when you have to re-set the pylons all the time.
Triangle Cones – These are good for stickhandling and skating drills, they are a bit light but don’t tend to slide that much if they are hit. They are easy to carry and handle.

Where to buy Pylons for hockey

There are a few places to look, for the larger pylons you will probably need to order them from a pylon manufacturer. I had a hard time finding the bigger pylons in any regular stores. For the smaller pylons like the 6 inch weighted one, the traingle cones and the saucer cones you can order them all on the coaching page on Hockey Shot

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