Speedtrac Radar Gun – Overview

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The Speedtrac radar gun is a speed measuring device that can be used for a number of sports. Many parents, coaches, and athletes use a radar gun to measure the speed of any number of things. Baseballs, tennis balls, soccer balls, footballs, the athlete themselves or HOCKEY PUCKS.

In the living room with the SpeedTrac radar gun

We take a detailed look at what you get when you order the Speedtrac X. Keep an eye out for our full review where we test it out and let you know how it works, and what we think.

In the box

Speed trac x radar gun

The Speedtrac comes in a colorful box with a lot of images of athletes in action. Inside the box we can see the radar gun ( protected by some cardboard holster ) a power cord, and an owners manual. Believe it or not I actually recommend reading the user guide as they give a few tips on how to get the most consistent and accurate readings from the gun.

Look of the radar gun

Speed trac

When examining the Speed trac I thought ” this thing looks like a kids toy” it doesn’t feel very sturdy, it is fairly light, and from what I can tell all made from plastic.

The front of the radar gun is basically all screen. The Speed trac uses a large, high intensity LED screen that is  easy to read when shooting.

On the back we have a simple fold out stand to support the radar gun while in use, a spot to plug the power cord into, and two areas to put c batteries. The Speed trac takes 4 C cell batteries, I like the option of plugged in or battery operated because it gives you the freedom to use the radar gun anywhere.

How it works

All you have to do is plug it in, or pop in some batteries, push the on button and start shooting, simple as that.

Buttons to press

Their are four buttons for you to press:

  • ON/ OFF – Turns it on or off (there is also auto off to help save batteries if the unit is left on)
  • MPH – The radar gun starts in MPH mode, reading all speeds in miles per hour
  • Re call – Press this button to see the last speed that the radar gun displayed
  • KPH – Press this button to have your speeds displayed in Kilometers per hour (more accurate than MPH)

There is a red light on either side that will flash depending on what speed the gun is displaying.

By reading the manual I learned there there is a “secret setting” called pro mode. This mode makes the readings less sensitive, so it won’t pick up any reading under 35 MPH. This will help the radar gun from displaying speeds for things it shouldn’t be (like your hockey stick). All you have to do to activate pro mode is push the MPH button and the Recall button at the same time.

There are also some more set up recommendations in the manual that will help you get the most accurate and consistent readings, but we will save that for our full Speedtrac radar gun review

Inside the Owners Manual

The owners manual has a few tidbits of knowledge for you. This is what is worth mentioning

  • Advanced digital processing
  • Integrated X-Band DRO Doppler Shift radar speed measurement technology
  • Can be used for just about any sporting activity
  • Easily used by one person
  • Durable, lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to read display
  • Wide speed measuring range (15 MPH – 150 MPH) or (24 KPH – 199 KPH)
  • Auto shut off to save battery power
  • Low battery indicator
  • Tripod mount
  • Plug in or Battery powered

They also talk about the best way to set the Speedtrac up for good readings and consistency but I will tell you all about that in the full review.

Where to buy the Speedtrac X Radar Gun

You can find the Speed Trac (and other cool hockey gear) at  Hockey Shot

Full Speedtrac Review

Be sure to check out our full Speedtrac radar gun review where we show you how the radar gun works, accuracy, consistency and durability.

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