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The x-passer is another product in the growing list of hockey puck rebounders. What exactly does a puck rebounder do, you may ask. Well a puck rebounder is a simple concept, pass the puck into it, and it will pass the puck back to you. This is a very easy product to create (usually just a big elastic band and something to hold it) however some of these work better than others. In this review we will take an in depth look at the X-Passer

x passer hockeyPurpose – The purpose of the X-passer is simple, to return the puck to you. Having a device like this in your training regimen will help you improve your passing and help you develop quick hands.

Price – The X-Passer sells for $169.95

What you get – With the X-Passer you get a trapezoid shaped piece of thick HDPE that comes with four legs. Each leg is thick and round. You also get four rubber grips to apply to the legs of the X-Passer. The X-Passer uses a bungee cord to rebound the pucks

Taking the X-Passer to the Streets

I tested the X-Passer out at home and tested it against a number of other pass rebounders.

Passing – It was very easy to pass into the X-Passer, it is built with a nice wide mouth so you can easily pass a puck into it.

Rebounding – I like the rebounding ability of the X-Passer. It uses a bungee cord, which i find stores energy better than an elastic band. I also like how the location of the puck is hidden by the top plate, it keep you thinking and forces you to react quickly to the pass-back. The pucks were all rebounded nicely

Errors? – Surprisingly I did not have any errors with the X-Passer, I attribute that to the design. It is made so the puck just barely makes it under the top plate, so this ensure the puck HAS to be flat on the way in, and will be flat on the way out. Also the rubber feet grip nicely to the shooting pad so it does not move around with hard passes

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

The only downfall I could think of with the X-Passer is the price, I find $169.95 a little bit steep for some plastic and a bungee cord, but it does work great so if you are going to use it a lot then I guess you will get your money’s worth.


  • Nice and heavy
  • Does not move a lot during passing (good rubber grip)
  • Rebounds the pucks quickly to make you react fast
  • No errors while passing the puck in (no pucks going under or over, or not getting passed back)
  • Fairly portable
  • Can be used on or off the ice
  • Nice addition to a hockey training room

X-Passer Video Review

Where to get the X-Passer

You can get the X-Passer and lots of other cool training aids at HockeyShot.com

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    November 4, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    Jeremy, you speak highly of the X-Passer but I can’t find it on either HockeyShot.com or HockeyShot.ca (I’m in Canada).  Did they stop selling it?


    • JEREMY

      November 5, 2011 at 10:30 am

      Yeah I think it is the best out of the pass rebounders but they just signed an exclusive deal so you can only buy it from a certain store or something like that. Hockey Shot had to stop carrying it, kind of a bummer.


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