QuickStickz Review – Improve stickhandling at home

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The Quickstickz is a training device that was designed to improve your stickhandling at home. As a hockey player it is very important to be able to move the puck quickly. A good way to motivate hockey players to practice is to provide a good training atmosphere, and that is exactly what the Quickstickz does.

Price – The Quickstickz sells for $199.95 on HockeyShot.com. It is a pretty expensive training aid, so make sure you or your child will use it before you drop the 200 dollars.

Purpose – The purpose of the Quickstickz is to help hockey players improve their stickhandling ability. The best way to improve is a skill is with repetition, a person has to repeat a motion about 10 000 times before they can do it automatically. The Quickstickz has a number of drills that a hockey player can perform to help them perfect quick puck movement, moving the puck around the body, and pulling the puck in towards their body.

Another purpose of the Quickstickz is to train hockey players to stickhandle with their head up. Hockey players must look at the screen to complete the drills, which means they can not stare at the stickhandling ball during the drill.

Testing Out the QuickStickz

This was a great product to review, I will cover the key points here and give you a detailed look in the video below.

What you Get – The Quickstickz comes with the infrared camera, a stickhandling ball with special reflectors and a short USB cord. In order to install the programs and drivers you simply log onto the Quickstickz website and download the appropriate files.

Setup – The setup was easy, I just plugged the camera into the computer, logged onto the Quickstickz site, then downloaded and installed all the stuff. The camera worked after that but with a few small problems (more on that later)

Using the Quickstickz – When I first tried using the program I browsed through the website and found a few drills to do. I clicked on the drill that I wanted to try and then put the ball under the camera (the camera was about 4 feet off the ground as instructed) The puck on the screen was bouncing all around, and not tracking where the ball was moving. I looked at the instructions and it said that infrared light (from the sun) will interfere with the camera; they were right!

quickstickz drillsI moved to the basement where there is not much light and did the drills on my laptop, this worked fine, but I would have preferred to be able to do the drills upstairs where my computer is hooked up to my big LCD t.v

Drills – There are a lot of cool drills on the website, they are designed to help you move the puck around your body, dribble the puck (quick movements), keep your head up, and pull the puck in close to your body. All of these skills are essential if you want to own the puck while on the ice. I liked the drills and thought that they were put together nicely.

Lag – I noticed a bit of lag / delay. It seemed like there was a split second delay from when I moved the ball to when it moved on the screen. I was able to adapt to this, and it only really happened when I moved the ball quickly.

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box – I wanted to give this product a raving review but unfortunately there are a few infractions that I could not overlook. The first one is the price, $200 is a bit steep but if your kids uses the product for a while and improves then it is well worth the investment.

The next one is the infrared system, the camera is sensitive to sunlight and if any sunlight is involved the camera freaks out and the puck on the screen will bounce around like a pinball. This means on a nice sunny day, you can’t stick handle in the living room. If you want to use the Quickstickz you can only do it in a low-light room.

The last one is the lag, it was not a huge deal but there was a split delay between me moving the ball, and when the puck moved on the screen

Scoresheet – There were a few things that I really liked about the Quickstickz

  • Very cool concept
  • Easy to install
  • Fun to use
  • Great for competition between siblings and friends
  • The drills are well thought out and will help players improve in a lot of different areas
  • Trains players to keep their head up

QuickStickz Video Review

Where to Buy the Quickstickz

You can get the Quickstickz by visiting the Quickstickz page on Hockey Shot

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