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DO NOT BUY – Company is out of business

Stickhandling is a crucial skill that every hockey player should practice. The good thing about stickhandling is that you can practice and improve at home. The Quickstickz was designed to take your at home training to the next level.

Purpose – The Quickstickz is an innovative product that was designed to train hockey players to have quick hands and stickhandle with their head up.

Price – DO NOT BUY – company out of business

What you get – When you order the Quickstickz you get the webcam, a short USB cable, and the stickhandling ball. There is no software or CD included. In order to install the software you must log onto the Quickstickz website and download the drivers.

You also get free unlimited access to the 15 drills and 3 games online and a free 3 monthVIP membership that gives you access to more drills and games.

How it works

The device comes with a webcam unit that hooks up to your computer, and a stickhandling ball with reflective dots on it. The webcam has multiple infrared lights and a camera that will track the movement of the ball as you stickhandle.

There are a number of drills and games that you have access to after purchasing the Quickstickz. The drills will give you objectives that you must complete, and patterns to follow with the ball. This will ensure that the player keeps their head up, and will also help them improve their puck control skills.

Who would benefit from the QuickStickz? – If you have a kid that wants to play video games all day then the QuickStickz might be a good way for them to improve their skills. The Quickstickz might also be a good training tool for older hockey players who are just starting out. We will post a full review of this product soon.

Where to buy the QuickStickz

DO NOT BUY – company is out of business and there is no support

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