MoveMaster Hockey Puck Review

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If you want to improve your stickhandling and puck control you may be looking for something that will help you develop your skills off-ice. The MoveMaster hockey puck set is designed for this very purpose. We have already given you an in depth look at the product in our MoveMaster product overview, and we will now be testing the product out and giving you a full review.


The MoveMaster hockey pucks sell for around $35. When you buy them you get three pucks, and each puck is specifically designed to help you in a different way. Let’s look at all three pucks, how they are designed, and how they actually worked.

The Muscle Puck

The Muscle puck is made to be bigger and heavier than a regular ice hockey puck. The Muscle Puck weighs 11.5 ounces and measures 3.7 inches in diameter. The bigger size is supposed to make it easier to maneuver, and the extra weight is supposed to help build the muscles involved in stickhandling

During our testing of the Muscle Puck we found that it is very easy to stickhandle. The extra size makes it less challenging than a regular puck, and after about 5 minutes of stickhandling we did notice the weight was giving our forearms a bit of a workout. We decided that a big puck would be great for a beginner hockey player who tends to fumble the puck. Starting with a big heavy puck will help the muscles form patterns and learn the proper movements

The Skillz Puck
This puck is the same size and weight as a regular ice hockey puck. You should use this puckweighted hockey puck if you have “graduated” from the Muscle Puck. This puck is made to be the same size and weight of an ice puck, however it does not match the weight and feel of a puck on the ice. We have found that in order for an object to feel like a puck does on the ice, it needs to be a few ounces lighter to compensate for the added friction. The Skillz Puck is still fun to stickhandle with, and is a bit more challenging than the Muscle Puck

The Speed Puck

The Speed Puck is a teeny tiny puck that is very light. When compared to an ice puck, this puck is thinner, has a smaller circumference, and is also much lighter.  This puck was designed to help build the fast twitch muscles, and practice repetition.

Stickhandling with this puck is a lot of fun, and much more challenging than using a regular puck. The smaller size makes it harder to control, and the light weight allows a player to quickly move the puck from side to side.


We practiced with the pucks on a hockey shooting pad and on smooth pavement and they worked great. We found that they work the best on a smooth surface, so we definitely recommend a hockey shooting pad. After extended use there were only superficial scratches and light rubs on the pucks. We did not shoot the pucks at all because the packaging said that they are not for shooting.

Overall Thoughts

Overall we enjoyed the MoveMaster pucks. There are other products on the market that offer different weights, but the unique aspect of the MoveMaster pucks is the different sizes. The combination of the varying weights and sizes will continue to challenge hockey players as their stickhandling and puck-control abilities improve. Players who can already dangle may not get much out of this puck set, but if you are a beginner player, or you want to develop quick, soft hands, we recommend the MoveMaster pucks

In the penalty box

The two downfalls for the pucks would be the price and the lack of shooting capability. $35.00 is a bit pricey, but the way I see it, if you learn and develop skills, then the money is well spent. I remember buying a set of videos on how to stickhandle for $100 when I was 15, and I still use the moves I learned to this day. I love scoring goals, and I don’t miss the $100 one bit, so if you are actually going to use the pucks, then they are worth it.

As far as shooting, I think the most effective approaches are using regular ice hockey pucks and the weighted hockey pucks with the orange rubber.

Score Sheet

There are a lot of things I like about the MoveMaster pucks. Some things you can find in other training aids like the weight differences, but the one unique aspect is the size differences, to give you increasing levels of difficulty. The most effective features of the MoveMaster pucks are:

  • Different sizes provide increased difficulty to constantly challenge the player
  • Different weights allow players to build muscles or work on repetition and muscle memory
  • Very durable, especially when used on a hockey shooting pad
  • Easy to use, and feels similar to an ice puck

MoveMaster Hockey Puck Video Review

In this video we show you the difference between the three MoveMaster pucks and compare each puck to a regular ice hockey puck. We also do a bit of stickhandling with each puck to show you how they work.

Where to Buy the Movemaster Hockey Pucks

The Movemaster hockey puck set retails for about $35, if you would like to buy them, or get more information you can visit the official Hockey Shot website.

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