Halo Hockey Shooting Trainer Overview

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Shooting, stickhandling and passing are all integral skills for hockey players to learn and perfect. Most people will agree that the best way to learn these skills is to get on the ice and work on them, the only problem is actually finding ice time. A lot of hockey players can only find a couple of hours each week to work on their skills on the ice, so when it comes to off ice training any edge that a player can find will help.

Purpose – The best way to learn or improve a new skill in hockey is to repeatedly practice the correct movements until you can perform them quickly, and with power. The first step is training your mucles, and this is where the Halo hockey training aid comes into the picture.

Installation – To use the Halo all you have to do is insert it into a composite hockey stick shaft. You can use hot glue to help keep it in place

Proper Use – The Halo works with any street hockey ball. Once the Halo is installed you can practice shooting, stickhandling and passing. The point of the device is to train your muscles and help build fast twitch muscles.

Price – The Halo sells for $19.95 on HockeyShot.com

How It Works

When it comes to taking a wrist shot, stickhandling, or making a pass there are a lot of very fine muscle movements that are involved. Many beginner hockey players have trouble lifting the puck off of the ice, making a pass and controlling the puck. The Halo was designed to help hockey players understand the fine muscle movements required to perform the above mentioned actions. The Halo also promises to train the muscles and build muscle memory. If the product works as it says it should then hockey players will be able to practice with the Halo while they are off the ice, and then notice an improvement in shooting, passing, and stickhandling while they are on the ice.

Where to Buy the Halo

You can buy the Halo and other great hockey training aids at HockeyShot.com also check back for our full video review of the Halo

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