Demon Hot Shot Radar Puck Review

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Today we have a review of the Demon hot shot puck, this puck was designed to measure the speed of your shot and display it in the center of the puck.

How the puck works

The puck uses a sensor to determine when you shoot the puck, and when it hits the target. It then uses the time it took to leave your stick and hit the target to determine how hard your shot was. In order to be accurate you need to set the puck up first

Setting the puck up

In order to set the puck up you need to input some settings, you need to select the distance you will be shooting from (four distances available) and also what type of shot you will be using. (full details in video)

How to get an accurate reading

In order to get an accurate reading from the hot shot puck you need to pick the correct setting, shooting from the exact distance you chose on the puck, and shoot against a hard target (a wall or piece of plywood).

Score sheet

  • Affordable (compared to a radar gun)
  • Accurate (when used properly)

Penalty Box

  • Finicky
  • Time consuming to set and use
  • Will not be accurate if you do not use it properly

Full Review of the Demon Hot Shot Puck

Overall Thoughts

The Demon Hot Shot puck is good as a novelty puck or a toy for kids, but if you want a serious tool to improve your shot I would recommend a radar gun.

I prefer a radar gun as I find a radar gun very easy to use, and accurate no matter what shot or distance you shoot from. A radar gun will also allow you to shoot many pucks at once and get instant feedback. However with the radar puck you need to retrieve and check your speed after each shot.

Where to Buy the Demon Hot Shot

You can find the hot shot puck and other training aids at

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