Hockey Stick Buying Guide

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Ice Hockey Stick Guide
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This is a guide that was made to help hockey players and parents of hockey players become informed in their hockey stick buying decision. The hockey stick is one of the most important purchases for a hockey player, if the stick is not the right size, or the right flex it can have a negative impact on the players game. When it comes to buying a hockey stick there are a number of points to consider.

Important Points to Consider when Buying a Hockey Stick

Many people use the price of a hockey stick as the sole deciding factor when purchasing a stick. You may think that an expensive stick is better than a cheap hockey stick, but there are a lot of factors to consider when picking a stick. You could spend $300 on a stick, but if you pick the wrong grip, curve, flex, and length for your playing style it could severely affect your game and scoring potential. You may also pay too much for a stick when you could play just as well with a cheaper stick. Let’s take a look at the topics we will cover in the hockey stick buying guide.Hockey stick buying guide

Length – Length is important for proper form, accuracy, and power. If a player uses a stick that is too long, or too short it can negatively affect their game in a big way. You can read more in our Hockey Stick Length Guide – Read the full Hockey Stick Length Guide

Flex – Flex is important because when properly used it can add a lot of power to a hockey players shot. Not enough flex will have a negative impact on power, and too much flex can take a toll on both power, and accuracy – Read the full Hockey Stick Flex Guide

Material (wood, composite, blade and shaft combo) – The material of your hockey stick will affect the size, durability, and the price. Choosing the right material for your hockey stick can help improve performance, and also help you save a lot of money! – coming soon

Curve pattern – The curve of the hockey stick is important for shooting, passing, and stickhandling. Many players choose the curve based on personal preference, but we have found what curves most players like, based on playing style and position – Read the full Curve Guide

Price The price is important to consider, especially if you break a lot of sticks, or if you have to buy sticks for a number of people. In this guide we will discuss what you can get at each price point, and the advantages and disadvantages of cheap and expensive hockey sticks – Check out the clearance section at Hockey Monkey

More topics to come!

All of these factors come into play when you are purchasing a hockey stick. Out of all the points mentioned above, the most important are the length of the stick, and the flex of the stick so we will cover those first in this hockey stick guide.


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    The sticks lie is also as important as the curve & you should cover that as well.


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