passing – Hockey Review HQ Your source for Hockey Reviews Mon, 17 Jun 2019 02:52:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 57664668 X-Deviator Review Fri, 01 Apr 2011 01:22:56 +0000 Practicing your stickhandling can sometimes be a bit boring, if you already have pretty good hands then you will quickly get tired of just playing with a puck or stickhandling ball. After perfecting the basic movements any hockey player will want some obstacles to practice stickhandling around, pylons and pucks are usually the first obstacles that players go for, but there is another option…. the X-Deviator!

Purpose – The purpose of the X-deviator is to provide hockey players with an obstacle to stickhandle over, under or around. Having obstacles is a great way to challenge the player to think of new moves and be more creative. Using an obstacle like the X-Deviator is a good way to train the muscles to perform certain actions like putting a puck under the stick, wide movements, avoiding obstacles, and toe-dragging around obstacles.

Price – The X-Deviator sells for $129.95 on

Design – The design of the X-Deviator is different then the Sweethands. The Sweethands is a similar product, but uses only solid pieces so you can only set the device up in a straight line. The X-Deviator is all attached, and folds up like a map. To use the product all you have to do is unfold it into any shape or design you want and start practicing.

Taking the X-Deviator to the Streets

Set-up – The product is super-easy to set up, all I had to do was unfold each piece and I started practicing. I think it is easier to setup and pack up then the SweetHands. There are a number of different configurations I could have used so I played around a bit with different set-ups and enjoyed using

xdeviator reviewTesting out the X-Deviator – I used the product on my hockey shooting pad. If you fully extend each section it will stretch out longer than the length of the roll-up shooting pad (8 feet). I decided to straighten up most of the sections and make a diamond at the end for a bit more of a challenge. I also made an L shape and a half square shape. I think I liked the half square shape the best (see video for details)

The X-Deviator worked great, there is enough room for a puck or a ball to go underneath and the device easily unfolds and folds up. The material also appears to be good quality, I think they use the same material that is used on the boards at the arenas.

Overall Thoughts

If I had to buy the SweetHands or the X-Deviator I would definitely go for the X-Deviator. It’s not a “must-have” training aid for me, but now that I have one I will be using it during my training.

Penalty Box

There isn’t anything that is really wrong with the X-Deviator, the price of $129.95 might scare a few people but that is normal for hockey training aids.


  • Easy to set up and pack up
  • Quality material and construction
  • Fun to change the shape around and come up with a new obstacle course each time
  • Can be used on or off the ice
  • Will help players develop quicker hands and improve their ability to move the puck around objects

X-Deviator Video Review

Where to buy the X-Deviator

You can get the X-Deviator and many other cool hockey training aids at


]]> 1 1163 X-Passer review – Hockey Puck Rebounder Thu, 10 Feb 2011 21:26:45 +0000 The x-passer is another product in the growing list of hockey puck rebounders. What exactly does a puck rebounder do, you may ask. Well a puck rebounder is a simple concept, pass the puck into it, and it will pass the puck back to you. This is a very easy product to create (usually just a big elastic band and something to hold it) however some of these work better than others. In this review we will take an in depth look at the X-Passer

x passer hockeyPurpose – The purpose of the X-passer is simple, to return the puck to you. Having a device like this in your training regimen will help you improve your passing and help you develop quick hands.

Price – The X-Passer sells for $169.95

What you get – With the X-Passer you get a trapezoid shaped piece of thick HDPE that comes with four legs. Each leg is thick and round. You also get four rubber grips to apply to the legs of the X-Passer. The X-Passer uses a bungee cord to rebound the pucks

Taking the X-Passer to the Streets

I tested the X-Passer out at home and tested it against a number of other pass rebounders.

Passing – It was very easy to pass into the X-Passer, it is built with a nice wide mouth so you can easily pass a puck into it.

Rebounding – I like the rebounding ability of the X-Passer. It uses a bungee cord, which i find stores energy better than an elastic band. I also like how the location of the puck is hidden by the top plate, it keep you thinking and forces you to react quickly to the pass-back. The pucks were all rebounded nicely

Errors? – Surprisingly I did not have any errors with the X-Passer, I attribute that to the design. It is made so the puck just barely makes it under the top plate, so this ensure the puck HAS to be flat on the way in, and will be flat on the way out. Also the rubber feet grip nicely to the shooting pad so it does not move around with hard passes

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

The only downfall I could think of with the X-Passer is the price, I find $169.95 a little bit steep for some plastic and a bungee cord, but it does work great so if you are going to use it a lot then I guess you will get your money’s worth.


  • Nice and heavy
  • Does not move a lot during passing (good rubber grip)
  • Rebounds the pucks quickly to make you react fast
  • No errors while passing the puck in (no pucks going under or over, or not getting passed back)
  • Fairly portable
  • Can be used on or off the ice
  • Nice addition to a hockey training room

X-Passer Video Review

Where to get the X-Passer

You can get the X-Passer and lots of other cool training aids at

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Halo Hockey Shooting Trainer Overview Tue, 23 Nov 2010 18:57:06 +0000 Shooting, stickhandling and passing are all integral skills for hockey players to learn and perfect. Most people will agree that the best way to learn these skills is to get on the ice and work on them, the only problem is actually finding ice time. A lot of hockey players can only find a couple of hours each week to work on their skills on the ice, so when it comes to off ice training any edge that a player can find will help.

Purpose – The best way to learn or improve a new skill in hockey is to repeatedly practice the correct movements until you can perform them quickly, and with power. The first step is training your mucles, and this is where the Halo hockey training aid comes into the picture.

Installation – To use the Halo all you have to do is insert it into a composite hockey stick shaft. You can use hot glue to help keep it in place

Proper Use – The Halo works with any street hockey ball. Once the Halo is installed you can practice shooting, stickhandling and passing. The point of the device is to train your muscles and help build fast twitch muscles.

Price – The Halo sells for $19.95 on

How It Works

When it comes to taking a wrist shot, stickhandling, or making a pass there are a lot of very fine muscle movements that are involved. Many beginner hockey players have trouble lifting the puck off of the ice, making a pass and controlling the puck. The Halo was designed to help hockey players understand the fine muscle movements required to perform the above mentioned actions. The Halo also promises to train the muscles and build muscle memory. If the product works as it says it should then hockey players will be able to practice with the Halo while they are off the ice, and then notice an improvement in shooting, passing, and stickhandling while they are on the ice.

Where to Buy the Halo

You can buy the Halo and other great hockey training aids at also check back for our full video review of the Halo

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PassMaster Hockey Passing Trainer Review Fri, 12 Nov 2010 15:19:38 +0000 passmaster review

PassMaster Overview

Purpose – The PassMaster is a hockey training aid that is designed to help hockey players work on their passing and one-timers at home or on the ice. The design is fairly simple:  one metal triangle with three posts, wrapped with a large elastic band.

Assembly – When you receive the device you get the metal triangle, a large rubber band, some felt pads and some metal spikes. All you have to do is put the rubber band around the posts, and the foam pads on the posts and you are ready to practice.

Price – The Passmaster retails for $99.95 at Hockey Shot

Taking the PassMaster to the Streets

The idea of the PassMaster is simple.  You pass a puck into it and the puck will be passed back. In order to use it off-ice you either need a hockey shooting passmaster hockey passerboard to provide a smooth surface for a regular hockey puck to slide on or a Green Biscuit to use on a rough surface. After the Passmaster is put together, there is no set-up time.  Just put it in place and you can start passing.

Short Passes

Short passes work great on and off the ice. The PassMaster will send the pucks back to you just as fast as you can pass them in.

Long Passes

Long passes work well, but the elastic band can only pass the puck back so hard. On the ice there is not much friction, so the PassMaster does a great job with long passes (as long as you have good aim!) Off the ice, if you get any further than 15 feet away from the PassMaster, your chances of getting the puck back are greatly reduced. This is mostly due to irregularities in the passing surface like cement or asphalt, and the added friction.

Hard Passes

Hard passes from in close and a distance work great. I was passing the puck into the rubber band about as hard as I could and the PassMaster never failed to return the puck (except for when I hit the metal parts). I did notice that the rubber band seemed to dampen the passes on the return, it seemed like the rubber band was not rebounding the pucks as fast as it should. I put a cinder-block on top of the device to keep it from moving when I was doing the hard passes and that helped quite a bit.

One Timers

One-timers are very easy to practice with the PassMaster.  I just set it up off to the side, passed the puck into it, quickly set up and then hammered the shot. With the roll-up shooting pad, there is 8 feet of material between you and the PassMaster so there is enough time to set up. If the shooting pad were any shorter then I think there would not be enough time for a proper wind-up.

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

There are a few minor penalties that I need to hand out for the PassMaster. The first issue is with the rubber band, in comparison to a pass rebounder that uses a bungee cord, the rubber band does not work as well. The rubber band does return the puck.  But I find that a bungee cord will pass it back with more speed. (The bungee chord set-up has it’s drawbacks as well: the puck tends to go over or under a bungee cord with hard passes)

The next penalty is for the PassMaster movement with hard passes. I expected this to happen, and it is very easy to fix, but I just thought I would mention it. The metal is very heavy though so it barely moves unless you put a really had pass into it.


  • Heavy duty steel
  • Ability to use it on and off the ice
  • No need to attach it to anything.  Just put it wherever you want and practice
  • Very thick rubber band does not let pucks under or over
  • Always returns pucks (unless you put a bad pass into the steel)
  • Three sides so a few people can use it
  • Use it to practice one-timers and passing

PassMaster Video Review

In this video we show you how the PassMaster works and test how hard you can pass a puck into it.

Where to Buy the PassMaster

You can buy the PassMaster and many other hockey training aids at Hockey Shot

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Passmaster Hockey Passing Trainer Overview Wed, 13 Oct 2010 19:30:10 +0000 In the living room with the PassMaster

This is a detailed look at the PassMaster hockey passing aid, keep an eye out for our full review coming soon.

The PassMaster is a hockey passing device that

Passmaster Overview

can be used on or off the ice to help players improve their passing and shooting. The device is made with heavy metal in order to keep it from moving when receiving and rebounding passes. The rebounding device is a simple large elastic band that wraps around the metal posts. The PassMaster is a large triangle with three usable sides, which means three people can use it at once.

PassMaster Details – Out of the Box


The top part of the PassMaster is made of three pieces of long flat metal. The pieces measure 1/8th of an inch thick, two inches wide, and 25.5 inches long. The three pieces are joined together in a triangle shape and supported by three posts at each point.

In the box we also have a large rubber band, three felt like pads, and three spikes. The rubber band wraps around the three posts and you really have to reef on it to get it around the posts (reef: a slang word that means to “use excessive force”).  The pads go on the bottom of the metal posts to protect your flooring and help the PassMaster stick and the spikes are optional to screw into the posts if you use the PassMaster on ice.

Material and Weight

The frame of the PassMaster is all metal and very sturdy feeling, the total weight being 10 pounds. The elastic band is made from high performance polymer which stands up great to every element (according to their website anyway). The band is fairly wide, just under an inch and a half and about a half inch bigger than the height of a hockey puck

What you can do with the PassMaster

  • Perfect you passing
    • One touch passing
    • Forehand and backhand
    • Saucer passes (if you are good!)
    • Work on aiming your passes
    • Helps players learn to properly give and receive passes
  • Work on your one timers and quick release shots
  • Develop soft hands

Where To Buy the PassMaster

The PassMaster retails for about $100.00.  If you would like to buy one, you can find it and many other hockey training aids at Hockey Shot.

PassMaster Review

This page gives you an in depth look at the PassMaster. To see our full review and what we thought of it, be sure to see our full PassMaster review

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