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Right now, every company out there is offering toe tie alternatives to provide more mobility in RVH, more durability and value to the table than the rest. In the last 2 years I’ve tried almost every single one from the Brian’s Smart Strap toe ties, to the HAL straps, to the Bauer CRS. However, everyone fails in one major category. That is until Pro laces came along.

I’ve been using pro laces for 6 months now and I can honestly say that these things are without a doubt the best quality product and best valued toe tie on the market. What’s these so special? Allow me to explain


Performance wise I feel like there are very few differences between most toe ties. They are more flexible than traditional skate laces will creates a much smoother RVH transition, they relieve stress on ankles and knee and hip joints. They also keep the pad much “taller” to the skate when in your stance since the toe ties are essentially a bungie cord that stays tight when still and expands/stretches a lot when called upon


Custom option wise. Both monster and Pro laces offer different custom options like number, name, team logos but I feel the customer service at Pro laces goes far above the competitions. Where the competitors can vanish off the face of the earth, pro laces have always had me taken care of the same business day. Pro laces also offer multiple cord/bungie options from skate lace to black cord to “armour” which is the black cord that has a skate lace cover over top. I use the skate lace covered version.

Price and Value

Overall, the price is the biggest difference between all the active competitors but don’t be fooled. Pro laces may be the most expensively price product on the market but with that price comes value. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no problem paying a premium price for a product that brings premium value. I’ve had my current set of Pro laces since January and nothing has ripped yet, when I was using HAL’s I’d go through a new set every 3 weeks because they kept breaking.

Monster HAL = $25 USD (About $31 CND)

Bauer CRS = $20

Pro Laces = $40-45 CND


I love pro laces, I love what they’re all about. I love that they’re Canadian and unless something changes in the market I’ll be using Pro laces for a while. If you got a few bucks kicking around or if you’re having problems with your knees/ankles/hips then this is a product YOU HAVE TO GET today!!!! It’s the most expensive toe tie on the market because its the best, you don’t get more value, performanceand durability from anything else out there.

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Buttendz Grip Review Tue, 21 Aug 2018 02:17:55 +0000 If you follow anything I post online. You know that there are a few products that I have gotten the opportunity to try since doing this self-proclaimed “YouTube” thing, and that I’ve fallen in love with. Bauer sticks, TRUE/VH skates, and Buttendz grips.

How I Got Hooked

I got approached by Buttendz to try out their Sentry in the fall of 2016 and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve tried every grip they offer on the market today and am currently testing their brand-new Future grip which will launch in a few weeks. I’ll touch on the future grip in another review article but in this one I want to focus on the entire Buttendz lineup


So basically, in a nutshell, Buttendz are grips for the shaft of your stick that last WAY longer than tape, save money vs tape over the long term, are more consistent than weekly tape jobs and they enable me to be lazy and not tape my shaft for months on end. It also doesn’t hurt that they are incredible stylish.

Price and Value

For 40 bucks (which may seem steep at first glance) you’re getting one of, if not the best bang for your buck hockey accessory on the market in my opinion. The grips vary slightly (all have the signature tilling texture) but the feedback and performance perks will change your game. My puck handling has never been better, and I will NEVER go back to regular tape as long as Buttendz is creating products. As mentioned the grips vary in texture and feel. Here is my breakdown of them.

1 Sentry:          Goalie specific with a large knob

2 Twirl:            Patrick Kane esc “twirl” tape job with thin knob

3 Flux:             Large knob player style grip

4 Fusion:         Smaller knob player style grip

Application is super simple. Each grip purchase comes with some adhesive to get the grip on your stick. I just call it Buttendz Lube. I spray the inside of my grip and shaft of my stick, twist it on and boom. We are all good to go.

How I Mod Mine

In the last 8 months or so I’ve started doing what I call a “Franken-grip. It’s essentially a Frankenstein grip where I cut off the knob from a Buttendz Sentry Grip and apply that with the shaft grip area of a Twirl or Flux grip. I do this simply because I like the twirl grip best but love the large goalie knob. I also love to try to copy the aesthetics Jonathan Quick has on his tape job where his knob is white, and grip is grey. I loved the look of that and that is what I strive for every time I “franken-grip” my stick


So that’s my take on the Buttendz grips. I can’t stress HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE THINGS. Worth every penny and it also doesn’t hurt that Rob (the face behind Buttendz) and Kevin (The business man behind Buttendz) are absolute BEAUTIES! If you got a couple bucks kicking around, you need to get a grip

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Swivel Vision Goggle Review Mon, 20 Aug 2018 01:41:39 +0000 If you follow anything I post online. You know that there are a few products that I have gotten the opportunity to try since doing this self-proclaimed “YouTube” thing, and that I’ve fallen in love with. Bauer sticks, TRUE/VH skates, and Buttendz grips. Swivel Vision goggles are the latest addition to this list.

What are These Things?

I wear these things to private goalie coaching sessions, lower level beer league games and warmup drills and at first glance, most guys think that they are snowboarding goggles. Then I explain to them how this work and essentially, they cut off your peripheral vision so that you have no choice but to get the puck into your centre vision in order to see it. Sounds like on ice suicide, right? Well slightly but the purpose behind this is to square up your body on EVERY save. Sometimes (I’m guilty of it a lot) we don’t get fully square to a puck, get lazy and use the peripheral vision, these snap this habit almost cold turkey. If you don’t, chance are the puck is probably in the back of the net. You’ll also see many pro goaltenders using this training tool including Mike Condon as you can see below.

Pricing and Value

For 30 bucks and a 1 size fits all sizing, these are a steal of a deal. They’re great for the younger goaltenders or older guys like myself. 30 bucks is drinking money for the weekend if you’re a goaltender in your late teens early 20’s, and same goes for parents so save the 30 bucks and invest in these goggles.

I’ve been working away all summer and spring long to try to refine my game as much as I possibly can for the start of camp in September and I will tell you for a fact that these have a made a difference in my game. I also want to thank Hand Eye Coaches on Instagram as they were nice enough to hook me up with these goggles in the first place.



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Tydan Black Steel and Stainless Steel Skate Blade Review Wed, 25 Oct 2017 08:00:30 +0000 As a sharpener (working at a local hockey store in North Vancouver, BC), two and a half years of sharpening has given me ample time to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Looking at the specs of Tydan’s blades, they’re already on the right start: a high grade of stainless steel and it’s made in Canada. Personally, I think any steel (or product in general) made in Canada boasts much higher quality – huge props to Tydan for stepping up there.

Tydan’s standard offering on Tuuks and Super Tacks.

I can also feel the quality of a skate blade when I’m sharpening. Your Canadian Tire special will feel like however much you paid for it. Relatively cheap, not the best to sharpen, and the edge never lasts for too long (or feels amazing). Your higher end steel sharpens like butter – as weird as that sounds. Passes (the act of moving the skate blade against the wheel) feels like a dream. The finish of a higher end blade is nicer overall and the edges tend to last longer. It’s a weird analogy, but compare different grades of steel to being like different grades of meat. Not only can you taste but you can feel the difference when cooking (sharpening in this case).

Tydan fits right in with the high-end companies already. The blade is a pleasure to sharpen (a testament to the quality of steel). From a player standpoint, edges last just as long as Step Steel (perhaps even longer, I haven’t used Step Steel in a month). Turns have been sharp, and the blade is effective. No gimmicks, no nonsense.

In my opinion, they’re dominant over Bauer and CCM steel. To me, LS3 steel is just average – the only benefit being the added height. LS4 steel is a step up from LS3, but durability issues render it inferior.

You can see the black finish of the CCM Steel wearing; Tydan blades maintain their finish.
Step however, is slightly taller.

Their DLC blade (Diamond-like coating) is a nice upgrade from their standard offering. It skates very closely to Step Steel’s black steel. Here’s my critique. The finish doesn’t rub away after time like on CCM’s black steel; I’ll give Tydan the W in that regard.

Although I haven’t used Step’s black steel lately, I’d probably gauge that they’re about equal. However – the price might be a tough pill for first-time buyers. $129.99 for their DLC blade places them on the same spectrum of Step. While I firmly believe that their product could be equal to Step (and superior to Bauer), I can also see the price as being a turnoff. Do remember that having blades MIC can make a huge difference though, regardless of which company you choose.

Their standard stainless blade at 89.99 is definitely well priced. Bauer retails their LS3 at 79.99 CAD. For $10 I’d definitely get the made-in-Canada alternative. While in theory you can get CCM’s “black steel” for $79.99 as well – I’d rather pick Tydan’s base model.

I’ll briefly discuss the extra benefits Tydan offers. They offer laser engraving for $24.99. After 3 months of use and dozens of sharpenings, my name and number still remains. While not everyone needs their name and number, I can definitely see this appealing (and benefiting) to teams and younger players.

They also offer a custom profile for $29.99. I have mixed feelings of this. It’s definitely important to have your skates profiled before use, and $29.99 is a great price. However, I question if that option allows for including a forward lean (another feature of profiling skates). TLDR?

Pros and Cons:

-Made in Canada

-Quality to Step Steel (time will tell if better)

-Sharpens incredibly well; great edge life.

-In my mind, superior to CCM and Bauer steel.

-Pricing their DLC blade at $129.99 (the same price as Step’s premier blade) raises some questions.

-Laser engraving while cool, may seem a bit on the pricier side. (though I suppose you can just forego it altogether).

-Steel is not as tall as Step. Personal preference above all, though some can appreciate the taller steel.

-Biggest con is their price points being too close to Step; customers may be inclined to select the longer-standing competitor.

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The Original Hockey Sauce Kit Review | A Goaltenders Perspective Mon, 15 May 2017 22:55:32 +0000 Hey guys, Trav4 here and in this article I want to talk about the Original Hockey Sauce Kit. So first off I just want to point out that a LOT of people underestimate the sauce kit as a training tool first off. It’s been featured on multiple massive media outlets (sports centre, NHL Network, etc) and as much as it is fun to bring a sauce kit out to the beach with a couple buds and some ladies, its equally as fun as a training tool. You see it used in the NHL All star skills competitive every year and every player and their dog is using one on Instagram now a days BUT I have yet to see a single goalie using it and I think thats a problem. Puck handling and the ability to advance the puck, help out your defence and kickstart some offence in the process as well.


So the boys over at The Hockey Sauce Kit sent me a party pack right before christmas (thanks to them for the demo unit). It came with 2 nets, 2 shooting boards, 8 pucks I believe (which I sadly had stolen out of my vehicle a couple weeks after getting the product) and a beer koozie. My initial goal when I first got the green light that the sauce boys were sending product, to show the goaltending community that the sauce kit isn’t just for players. If anything it might be even more important to goaltenders. If you’re a player and you’ve ever played with a goaltender that never touched the puck outside the blue paint, it’s painful to watch but the only thing worse than that is one that over plays the puck and can’t aim for their life. Thats why I got the sauce kit, to work on my sauce and long range game. Anybody can hit the 5-10 foot pass or set the puck up behind the net but who can hit the 15-100ft saucer pass up the ice? Not many goaltenders.



So there are a lot of ways to integrate the Sauce Kit into your training program and more. You don’t need to drive 20 minutes to the gym/rink to use it. All you need is some open space in your backyard, front sidewalk or drive way. If you’re adventurous you can even get away with using it in your house. Then from their all you need is a stick (which you most likely already have) and a couple pucks. Then from there you work on saucing the puck from various distances, angles and maybe even get to banking shots off an object and in for trick shots. If you and the boys are going to the beach or the cottage for the day, bring the sauce kit. Great way to pass the time, work on your saucing abilities and pass some time. Better than spending hours upon hours on your phone which most of society (myself included sometimes) are really bad at doing now a days. Check out this video of Rob LaLonde from ButtEndz and myself mixing in a quick game of Sauce back in March when we spent the day kicking it.

Attracting Girls…..YES You Read That Correctly

If you’re like me then you’re always looking for new ways to attract and impress girls, I had a girl I was seeing recently and she wasn’t too knowledgable about the game of hockey. Not to get to personal but I love a girl who can understand and get interested in hockey since after all the game of hockey is all I’ve known since I was 4 years old. So I showed her the sauce kit and I thought it was a pretty unique and creative way to spend time together, get her to experience the game first hand and try to build some type of common interest. Aside from a 5’3 woman trying to “juggle” a blocker, catch glove and a stick I’d say it went pretty smooth.


As far as the build and durability goes I’d say its pretty good. I’m not gonna get into whatever plastic the sauce kit may or may not be made out of but what I can tell you is I had no problems so far. I got 2 sauce kits when the sauce boys originally sent me the package but around new years I lent one of the guys on my team my sauce kit for a weekend and he came back with the netting ripped and sauce ramp detached and screws missing. Idk how he managed to do it… but he did it and I couldn’t get an answer as too how he managed to do it so aside from that, I’ve had no issues since then.


I think the sauce kit adds a lot of value to somebody who loves the game, has a passion for it and for getting better. If you spend $50 that’ll get you just the net. $100 will get you the net, plastic shooting pad and some pucks. From there you can spend all the way up to $240 for 2 nets, 2 boards, pucks and other accessories which is fine but all of these bells and whistles are on a case by case bases. I think the sauce kit can make a great birthday/christmas gift. Great gift if you’re a female looking for something to get your junior hockey playing boyfriend for a special occasion but the value is based upon what you want to get out of the kit. Is it a toy? Is it a training tool? Is it both and I think ultimately only you can answer that.


So I think at the end of the day this purchase is gonna come down to personal preference. If you want a training tool that can be fun to play with the boys before practice/at the beach or a great way to get better in your spare time, this is the product for you. If not then you may be better off investing your cash into something else. For me personally I think this product would be worth the $50-100 investment to get started and see if you want to invest in the other merch later. For all of these reasons I’m giving the Hockey Sauce Kit a 9/10.


So what do you guys think? Do you like the sauce kit, have you tried it? Whatever it may be, let me know on Insta, Twitter or Facebook all @ Trav4oilers. Don’t forget to watch the video review down below and subscribe on Youtube. I want to thank you all a lot for reading this article and hopefully I’ll see you again in the next video.

Buttendz Sentry Goalie Grip Review: Revolutionary Tape Alternative For Goaltenders Sun, 16 Apr 2017 19:30:04 +0000 Hey guys, Trav4 here. So today I’m putting a cap on my Buttendz sentry grip coverage . If you’ve been following the content you know that I’ve fallen in love with this sentry grip from the moment I got it at the end of November but with that being said I’ve still got my criticisms.

First Impressions

So Buttendz is a grip company based out of Buffalo, New York started by Rob LaLonda and Kevin Lonergan. I’ve become good buddies with Rob after exchanging messages and working on some content together and gotten a really good feel for what Buttendz is all about. They started the early stages of Buttendz back in 2009 and they’ve been doing player grips since 2013 and recently added a goalie grip at the end of 2016.  They are calling this the Sentry grip and it was designed in Collaboration with Conn Smythe Trophy winner and 2 time cup champ Jonathan Quick. Rob and Kev were lucky enough to get their hands on one of Quickie’s knobs through Rob’s connection to him from when he played with Quickie in the ECHL. It’s basically an over sized knob with their signature buttendz tiling texture around the handle. The tiling is just a texture on the outside to give you traction and control when handling the puck. The entire grip is made of all rubber materials. Here is a video of a game of Sauce I played against Rob LaLonde from Buttendz, hopefully this gives you an idea of what the grip can help me to do in regards to play ability and saucing the biscuit.

Application Process

So lets talk about applying the grip. So the application process was pretty simple. you basically spray the “buttendz lube” as i’m calling it, and that comes with every grip. You spray it on the inside of the grip and on the outside of the shaft of the stick. Sadly I went a little to crazy with the lube and got a bunch on hands in it so it made the application process at that point a struggle because it makes things very slippery but when it dries it sticks kinda like gorilla glue but that was my own fault. After you get it on, you just adjust it, set it and forget it.


So from a performance standpoint I couldn’t be happy. Now I’m not sure if it’s just a great mix between the Ax Suede Quattro+ palm in my 1s blocker,  the lightness and flex of the 1s stick I’m using, and the textures on the grip but regardless I couldn’t be happy. Whether it’s simply stopping the puck behind the net and placing it in an ideal spot for the defensemen to pickup, firing a saucy breakout pass, clearing it high and hard off the glass or trying to go for the long bomb stretch pass to the far blue line, I have never felt better. I’ve never had more control, more comfort and more confidence puck handling since I’ve gotten this grip. If you take a look at most of the highlights in this 1S stick review, a lot of them I don’t think I’d be able to do without the sentry grip.


Durability wise, now I was expecting this thing to last maybe a month or 2 and then peel off or something along those lines. This is my first experience with a grip so I wasn’t sure what to expect but to the surprise of a lot of people, myself and Rob included. After basically an entire season junior hockey (games, practices and more) there were a few scratches and a bunch of puck marks but thats about it. A decent amount of discolouration from use over the course of the season but I’m still waiting to see what its going to take for this grip to actually show some decent signs of wear.


Now for value, this grip retails for $29.99 US plus shipping and handling and that’ll run you about $35, and even with the horrible exchange rate of the US to canadian dollar. it’ll run you $47 Canadian as of today April 17th 2017. Now you’re probably going to run away at the through of spending $50 on a stick grip when you could spend a few bucks on a roll of tape. Now I’ve always been a grip tape user on the shaft. and for 1 full tape job that would run me 1 roll of white tape and 1 roll of grip tape. so about $8 after taxes here in Winnipeg. So after about 6 tape jobs you’ve already spent the same amount of money as you would on the grip and for myself personally, I hate taping my stick. I find its a pain in the ass when Im heading to the rink after working a full day or running around doing errands all day and taping my stick is the last thing I want to do cause I’ll have to go to the local sports shop and buy the tape or go out of my way to redo it and that 15 minutes plus the time to go buy the tape may not seem like much but when you got a million and one things to do, it makes a world of a difference.

On top of that this grip has lasted me 4 1/2 full months at this point which is probably about 5-6 tape jobs right now. Right there I got the same dollar value but with better performance and less hassle since the grip is a 1 time, set it and forget it process. You can remove the grip and use it on another stick if your stick breaks but luckily my 1s stick (knock on wood) hasn’t broke yet so I haven’t had the opportunity to test that part out.

Custom Options

Now I’d love to see some custom colour options, more grip options (Price or Holtby style, etc) or even one day where you can send in your stick and Buttendz can replicate that tape job into a grip for you but as of right now the colour coding process as well as the R&D to create those types of custom modded grips isn’t realistic and not options as of this point in time.


So what the verdict. Well this is the 1st and only grip I’ve ever tried but so far its got top notch value, top notch durability and my puck handling has never felt better in my opinion. For all these reason I’m going to give the Buttendz sentry grip a 9.5/10 score. If my 1s stick broke and re-applying it is as easy as it says on the Buttendz website and the custom options then we’d be talking a full 10/10 but that hasn’t happened so I’m giving it the almost perfect 9.5/10 score since those are 2 minor details that haven’t changed my satisfaction with this grip.

So guys thats todays review of the Sentry grip from Buttendz, let me know what do you think. Have you got this grip, do you like, do you hate it. Whatever it may be let me know on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube all @ Trav4oilers. Also if you’re interested in a sentry grip or any grip from Buttendz, you can use the promo code “getchasome” for 10% off of your purchase. I want to thank you a lot for reading this written review of the Buttendz sentry grip, check me out on Youtube for more video reviews like this. Here is the video review to this article for those of you interested.

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Stop It Gate Review – Driveway Gate Fri, 18 Oct 2013 04:46:01 +0000 Safety is important, especially with children, and a common concern among parents is the fear of the children running out on the road. Many families are now being raised in cities and suburbs. Not every kid has a large backyard, backyard rink, big garage or barn to play in. The lack of space leaves quite a few kids playing hockey and other games in their driveway. The stop-it gate is designed to set a boundary in the driveway and keep the children, and all their toys off the road.

How Does the Stop-it gate work?

The gate is fairly simple, it is a steel frame with a mesh netting (sort of like a volleyball net). To install the net you drive two stakes (included) into either side of your driveway, then put the frame on one side, and pull the net across to the other stake.

Video Review of the Stop-it Gate

Pro’s and Con’s of the Gate


  • The gate comes with a recoil feature, which did not seem to work very easily. I found the product would probably be better if it didn’t try to add a feature that did not work flawlessly. This is not a critical problem, and the product works just fine without the ease of the recoil.
  • The gate is only a few feet high so it won’t stop everything, but I think it’s still a good safety precaution.
  • If you have soft ground you will need to install a footing for the stakes to keep the net from sagging.


  • The quality and design of the product is well thought out. The frame is all steel and the netting looks like it is very good quality
  • The product works well for it’s intended purpose. I feel the stakes work very well to hold the net in place
  • The net is a great extra safety feature for anyone who lives on a busy street
  • The net is also a good boundary for games. By keeping the balls and pucks in the driveway the kids will be able to play longer with fewer interruptions.

Where to Buy the Gate

The stop-it gate is currently on sale on this page at

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ZipBoard Review – Hockey Board for Coaches Sat, 16 Feb 2013 06:00:20 +0000 For years coaches have been using whiteboards to explain their drills and plays to their hockey players. The whiteboards are big and bulky and not the easiest to transport. Now there is a solution called the Zipboard. This product puts the old square whiteboard into an easier to carry package. Watch the video below to see how the Zipboard works.

Benefits of the Zipboard

  • Easier to carry than traditional white boards
  • Has a spot for the marker to clip into (so you don’t lose it)

Downfalls of the Zipboard

  • The casing is all plastic so I’m not sure how durable it will be
  • The price of $29.95 is a bit steep

Where to Buy the Zipboard

You can get the Zipboard at You can visit the product page here

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Edge Again Review Fri, 07 Dec 2012 06:32:27 +0000 I think every hockey player has been in that situation, they are adding some forechecking pressure, the other team makes a bad pass, the puck comes within a few feet of the player and all they need to do is make one tight turn for a breakaway. Then comes a hockey players worst nightmare, they try to make a tight turn and one skate slides right out from underneath them. This is what we call “losing an edge”

This is where the Edge Again comes in!

The edge again was designed to give players an edge when they need it! In the past if you lost an edge you would play the rest of the game and then go and get your skates sharpened. Now you can use the Edge Again to put the edge back.

Edge Again Video Review

How the Edge Again works

The Edge Again uses a diamond coated flexible tusk that conforms to the hollow of your blade to sharpen all four edges.

Retail price: $49.99 at

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